Winter decor for the Eiffel Tower

Winter decor for the Eiffel Tower
Decor - Custom Scenographies
Paris / France

An enchanted winter wonderland on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower

To celebrate the festive season, the Eiffel Tower wanted to create an enchanted décor for the public to enjoy on the first floor terrace. Crystal Group embraced the Far North with its monumental décor, transforming the terrace into an ice floe with a family of penguins and a 6-meter-plus Eiffel Tower. These imposing sculptures, dressed in faceted mirrors, were surrounded by giant quartz and a forest of white birch and black fir trees.


  • 2 giant, 3-metre-plus penguins
  • 1 1.71-metre-high baby penguin
  • 1 large 5-LM ice floe
  • 15 giant quartz
  • 1 6-m Eiffel Tower
  • 50 birch trees
  • 25 fir trees
  • 60 boxes dressed in silver mirrors to form icebergs
  • Lighting installed within the structure of the ‘Iron Lady’ to highlight the display.


  • Silver, white and black mirrors created a chic and graphic atmosphere.
  • Elegant and refined, this grandiose scenography seduced visitors day and night.