Waves actisud shopping centre

Waves actisud shopping centre
Sfx - Effects of fire (flames, sea of fire, fire explosion)
Water - Aquatic shows
Metz / France

Aquatic shows

For its first open-air shopping centre, ‘Waves Actisud’, the Phalsbourg company wanted to offer its customers the opportunity to combine shopping and leisure. For this avant-garde village, Crystal Group proposed the design of an aquatic fairyland. Daytime and night-time shows take place every half hour during the day and every hour after dark.


  • 2 scenic fountains on an artificial body of water
  • 1 x 8-metre-high water screen
  • 12-m frisson jets
  • 1 double vertigo jet
  • 1 duo chalice
  • 1 rail + 2 flame projector
  • 1 x 12,000-lumen video projector
  • Low fog effect: 24 low fog, a fog system that covers the entire body of water
  • 50 LED projectors
  • Sound system: 12 Freespaces
  • Supply and installation of the entire technical system (electrical cabinets, cables, PC, DMX console)
  • Programming and control of all the effects via Artnet


A successful challenge – the aquatic shows have become highly anticipated events by the public. A high-quality animation that helps to transform the shopping centre into a theme park.