Terra Botanica Park

Terra Botanica Park
Water - Aquatic Scenographies
Ice - Scenographies ice, frost, snow
Angers / France

Plants in different climatic environments

The architect and scenographer Frédéric Ravatin consulted Crystal Group to help him design the scenography for the future Terra Botanica park in Angevin. Dedicated to the world of plants, this unique site in Europe invites visitors to travel around the world through plants: from Madagascar to Brazil, Mexico and Japan via France and Anjou. The challenge was to design and create installations using water, frost and ice.


  • 60-m2 frost wall with niches for growing plants
  • Tempetarium fountain: a water curtain projection, fog zone, rain zone, a storm-like water effect (giant waves)
  • Plant theatre fountain: a choreographic, scenic fountain
  • Garden of time Fountain: a Noria fountain, a waterway with a lock effect.
  • Giant stump fountain: fog, a circular water curtain with image projections.
  • LED projections in various colours


In April 2010, Terra Botanica opened its doors to the public. Between the scenography, plans, testing, manufacturing and installation, the entire project took two years to complete. 300,000 plants from around the world can be discovered in their different climatic environments.