‘sommeil’ – stéphane thidet nuit blanche installation

stéphane thidet nuit blanche installation
Ice - Ice rinks and ephemeral tracks
Meca - Rotation
Paris / France

Enchanted forest

In Paris, the square of the Hôtel de Ville was transformed into an ice forest, designed by the artist Stéphane Thidet. This enchanted work consisted of huge pieces of driftwood that turned over above a frozen lake. Crystal Group put its mechanical and climatic skills at the service of the artist for the development of this installation.


  • A 900-m2 floor
  • A 675-m2 ice surface for the lake
  • 2 cooling units to produce the cold climate
  • 4 stumps of 8-metre-long driftwood, weighing 700 kg each
  • 4 rotating plates, each with a 1 metre diameter
  • Motorisation system


New success for our teams as they produced this animated frozen forest in record time.
A beautiful and fascinating work for visitors to enjoy for Paris’s Nuit Blanche 2017.