‘snowed-in christmas village’ at Enghien-les-Bains

‘snowed-in christmas village’ at Enghien-les-Bains
Ice - Ice rinks and ephemeral tracks
Enghien-les-Bains / France

100% ice recreational skating rink and sledding track

The town of Enghien-les-Bains launched a call for tenders entitled ‘Design and installation of decorative and recreational elements in the form of a snowed-in Christmas village’. Crystal Group, a laureate of the event, recreated a ski resort with winter sport-inspired activities.


  • a 300-m2 ice rink on a 500-m2 floor
  • a two-lane toboggan run
  • a frosty igloo photo studio
  • a team of staff to run the event
  • a technical director to maintain the installations.


Despite the cold, wind and rain, young and old alike practised winter sports while enjoying the magical Christmas atmosphere.