Porsche “Live entertainment on ice”

Porsche “Live entertainment on ice”
Ice - Ice sculpture shows
Arpajon / France
animation live de sculpture sur glace par Crystal


Ice: CRYSTAL’s signature material since 1997.

Water in its solid state: Its crystalline transparency conceals many surprises. Shaped by the expert hands of CRYSTAL’s sculptors, it takes on unexpected and impressive forms.


For the launch of the new Porsche TAYCAN, the Porsche Centre in Arpajon wanted to organise an exceptional evening in honour of this exceptional car!


Live animation: Throughout the event, 750 kg of raw ice is gradually transformed into a superb car, 1.80 m long, 0.70 m wide and 0.60 m high, faithful in every way to its metal model, the new Porsche TAYCAN.

“The talent of CRYSTAL’s ice sculptor blew us away, we witnessed a magical performance, where the ephemerality of the ice paradoxically magnified the power characteristics of our product, that’s what I call a successful partnership!”