‘La Vie est Belle’ Lancôme evening

‘La Vie est Belle’ Lancôme evening
Water - Water curtains
Water - Waterscapes
Paris / France

The Pixel Swing

Get ready for some innovation! Maison Lancôme hosted an evening at Villa Mona Bismark in honour of its iconic ‘La vie est Belle’ fragrance. It did not fail to pamper its guests, among whom were many famous faces. On the programme were various exceptional experiences, including an incredible waterfall swing. As requested by the agency in charge of the evening’s organisation, ‘Comme un Air de Prod’, we created a variation of our Pixel Fall curtain and the Pixel Swing was born! The guests, sat on a swing, passed through the water screen without getting wet. 


– Prolyte structure to support the water curtain system

– 2 pixel fall modules comprised of a 3.60 m water curtain 

– Design and manufacture by our welding workshop of a perforated stainless steel two-seater swing

– CRYSTAL tarp cover and dressing of the structure in the colours of the Lancôme maison

–  Provision of a team to manage the system on the day of the event


An innovation that was entirely invented by the CRYSTAL teams in response to the unprecedented request of our client. A new product was born that delighted all the evening’s guest.