Hotel Kube – Ice bar

Hotel Kube
Ice bar
Ice - Ice bars
Paris / France

The first ice bar arrives in France

In 2005, the Kube Hotel in Paris opened the very first ice bar! A unique concept in France, this surrealist decor, which was created from 20 tons of transparent ice, was entrusted to the expertise of Crystal Group. ‘The Ice KUBE by Grey Goose’ invites guests to enjoy vodka cocktails in a Northern setting at an ambient temperature of -10°.


  • 30-LM x 2.20-metre-high ice walls with details and engraved logos,
  • 1 straight, 7-LM ice bar,
  • 1 ice Buddha bear (half-bear, half-god) sat on a 1-m x 1-m ice cube,
  • cube-shaped ice glasses,
  • 1-m x 1-m ice plaques with an engraved logo.


The success was immediate. Show personalities, trendy Parisians, businessmen… Everybody falls in love with this icy world! ELLE magazine even shot a fashion shoot here called ‘Panoplies grand froid’ [‘An icy collection’]!