Jeff Leatham at the New York Botanical Garden exhibition

Jeff Leatham at the New York Botanical Garden exhibition
Decor - Custom Scenographies
Decor - Monumental sculptures
États-Unis / New York

The New York Botanical Garden organises superb floral exhibitions. For its 18th “Orchid Show”, the botanical garden reached out to the famous art director of the “Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris” and floral designer to the stars: Jeff Leatham. The exhibition entitled “Jeff Leatham’s Kaleidoscope” provided a unique immersion in this artist’s world. The exhibition was a real show of colours and textures around the orchid, and Jeff Leatham imagined a sculpture with facetted leaves with a fountain running down them.
CRYSTAL was very proud of this new collaboration and produced a fantastic orchid ten feet high, transformed into a fountain. The sculpture was made in our workshops using facetted mirror so it reflected everything around it: the orchids, the water cascading into the black swimming pool. The illusion of a kaleidoscope pattern was perfect

Orchidée monumentale réalisée par Crystal
Orchidée monumentale réalisée par Crystal


  • 3D Images for design approval
  • Construction of the orchid in stainless steel covered in silver facetted mirror
  • Water pump system for setting up the fountain effect
  • Construction of wooden crates for plane delivery


Jeff Leatham was hailed by the American press, as per tradition, unanimously saying the exhibition was “breathtaking”. Our teams were proud to have taken part in this spectacular show.