Ice truck Jott

Ice truck Jott
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Paris / France

“Jott” Ice Bar at the Lollapalooza Festival

Feel like cooling down in the middle of July in Paris?  That’s the promise JOTT delivered on. The famous multi-coloured padded jacket brand succeeded in giving Lollapalooza festival goers a completely “chilled” experience. The Texto agency approached us to propose creating an ice sculpture decor with the brand’s total look. The scene set in our ICE TRUCK was immersive. For 2 days, festivalgoers, kitted out in padded jackets, were able to admire the decor, pose for a photo and enjoy a nicely chilled Coca-Cola in an atmosphere around -10°.


 – ICE TRUCK: 12m X 2m50 refrigerated trailer customised inside and out

– Ice sculptures: 

 . 1 2m X H.2m10 wall with Jott bags integrated (cavities Diam 11cm X depth. 15cm) +

JOTT logo engraved on the side

. 2 bubble chairs 

. 1m bar

. Scooter on a plinthe (dimensions: H.1m80 X 1m)

. 3 H.2M X 1m blocks with padded jacket integrated 


Our Ice Truck was one of the most popular activities. It takes on your brand’s colours for a summer tour or special event. JOTT succeeded in giving more than 1,500 visitors a chilling thrill in 2 days. A real success!