“Graslin waterfall” by Stéphane Thidet

“Graslin waterfall” by Stéphane Thidet

Monumental water curtain

For the 2020 edition of the “Voyage à Nantes”, the artist Stéphane Thidet designed a monumental work on the façade of the Théâtre Graslin and called on CRYSTAL’s technical and water skills.

The work “Rideau” (Curtain) is an immense cascade of water, a real urban waterfall. It bursts forth from a cornice above the Nantes theatre’s colonnade then crashes onto the monument’s steps as a constant and loud deluge.

The installation of this brand-new water system and curtain was tricky on this historical building, requiring mastery and expertise.


. Installation of 10 stainless steel overflow vats on the cornice at a height of 12m

. Design, manufacture and installation of a 20ml waterfall suspended at a heigh of 12m

. 400m of pipes

. 20 pumps installed in the pool


The monumental work of the waterfall connected to the théâtre Graslin generated a lot of coverage in all the magazines, newspapers and social media! It gave a new dimension to the Voyage à Nantes.

We are very proud of this project, and to have read, for example: “The waterfall off the théâtre Graslin will mark the history of the Voyage à Nantes”