Futuroscope “la Forge aux Étoiles”

Futuroscope “la Forge aux Étoiles”
Water - Aquatic shows
Poitiers / France


Water: The most versatile of elements, water provides every event with an unrivalled magical touch.

Fire: enchanting, warm, resonant, fire is mankind’s first spark of magic and awakens powerful emotions in each of us.


MECA: The division in charge of all show engineering, MECA is the ultimate development hub for CRYSTAL’s fields of expertise.

Specs: Elevation, water machinery, special effects

The MECA department designs stage equipment and machinery that will increase the scale of shows tenfold, create dynamic settings, and produce innovative effects.

CRYSTAL, the originator of technological innovations with water in both its liquid and gaseous states, is the world reference in the staging of water. Water jets, water curtains, fountains, and waterfalls are always developed by CRYSTAL with respect and preservation of this precious resource.

Combining fire with other elements, making flames dance, producing detonations, and creating smoke effects are just some of the spectacular pyrotechnic animations offered by CRYSTAL.


For the Futuroscope nighttime water show designed by the Cirque du Soleil, CRYSTAL was asked to deploy a mechanical de- vice and produce aquatic, atmospheric, and special effects on a 7000M2 surface of water.


CRYSTAL is particularly valued by their clients for their ability to guarantee the same level of excellence in the combined handling of several materials and techniques. Here, the challenge was to associate the knowledge of water and fire-based special effects with a mechanical component.


When it comes to live performances, the success of the show depends just as much on the artistic side as it does on the technical execution. For the “Forge aux étoiles”, CRYSTAL created a gigantic underwater boom that immersed a moon and a car in rotation.

In addition, an apparatus consisting of a 180m2 wide and 20m high water curtain, three other water screens, and over a hundred animated wa- ter jets completed the aquatic effects. Finally, 600 nozzles capable of generating 300m3 of mist and 20 flame projectors topped off the show.

For this poetic and grandiose display, the design of the machinery dedicated to the water effects and the installation of custom devices created a particularly high-performance ensemble leading to a spectacular result.


The scale of the show and the multitude of devices to install required the artist-engineers of CRYSTAL to commit themselves to the entire pro- cess: from design to creation to production. This integral involvement made it possible to implement and ensure the safety of all the stage ope- rations of what is now a widely appreciated production.


CRYSTAL accepted a great challenge for a first collaboration with the famous Cirque du Soleil company. The show “La Forge aux Etoiles” is hailed by the press and the public as “an innovative show with ambitious special effects.”