‘Snowed in Christmas village’ at Enghien les Bains

‘Snowed in Christmas village’ at Enghien les Bains
Ice - Ice rinks and ephemeral tracks
Decor - Custom Scenographies
Enghien-les-Bains / France

‘So British’ Christmas village

For this fourth edition, the Christmas Village of Enghien-les-Bains stepped up its creativity with monumental decorations. CRYSTAL proposed and created a 45-metre-long fairy street with house façades, shop window displays decorated by children in the city’s activity clubs, bow windows, lampposts and more. The ‘oh-so-British’ atmosphere delighted young and old alike. An ice rink and toboggan runs offered a taste of snow sports while the wooden pub invited visitors to warm up. Mulled wine and pretzels were, of course, on the agenda. 



At the entrance of the village… 2 monumental golden deer made of faceted mirror


– Entirely designed and manufactured by our carpentry workshop 

– Visuals of the façades drawn by hand and printed on tarpaulins

– 9 prolyte chassis (5 m x 4 m high) to support: 5 residential façades with bow window (3  m x 3m), 4 store fronts with closed volume plexiglass display windows.

– Christmas decorations on the façades (fir tree garlands, advent wreaths, baubles, etc.)

– Lighting


– Walls, façades, XXL bow window and wooden flooring

– Monumental fireplace in wood / decorated Christmas trees

– Red faceted mirror reindeer head

– Chesterfield leather sofas and furniture (armchairs, leather poofs, wooden tables, etc.)

– Wooden and brass shelving decorated with candies, candles, etc. Curiosity cabinet style

– Black wood and brass bar / black bar stools

– Rattan suspensions finished with garlands, baubles and Christmas bows

– ‘Living animals’ painting, XXL clock, wooden coat rack

– Large tarp roof

– Parasol heaters


– 300-m2 ice rink on a 500-m2 floor

– Two-lane toboggan run


A Christmas village that was applauded by visitors and the regional press alike. A festive, warm, family-esque atmosphere that brought the city of Enghien-les-Bains to life for several weeks.