Eiffel Tower – winter terrace

Eiffel Tower
winter terrace
Ice - Ice rinks and ephemeral tracks
Decor - Custom Scenographies
Paris / France

The ice rink returned to the first floor

After two years of work, the first-floor makeover of the monument was finally finished. The company behind the Eiffel Tower’s operation wanted to enliven the terrace with an ice rink and open-air bar. Crystal Group won the tender thanks to an aesthetic concept conceived around transparency, reflection and the colour red. In perfect harmony with the spirit of the new renovations.


  • 1 x 190-m2 ice rink on 400 m2 of Itauba flooring
  • Transparent plexi barriers
  • 2 refrigeration units
  • 2 x brown/red corrugated metal containers for the skate box and bar
  • Bar with furniture, shelves, watertight boxes, heating and lighting systems• 1 x 6-metre-high Eiffel tower made from faceted red mirrors
  • Stickers on the barriers to represent the meshing of a pavilion façade
  • Printed red tarpaulins with black detailing to dress the refrigeration units
  • A team of reception staff to distribute the skates and maintain the facilities.


An extraordinary facility for extraordinary attendance. A total 48,000 visitors enjoyed the pleasure of skating, equalling 700 skaters per day!