Diriyah Season Festival

Diriyah Season Festival
Water - Aquatic Scenographies
Water - Water curtains
Riyadh / Arabie Saoudite

4 place Pixel Swing

The Diriyah music festival in Riyadh, was a month of concerts (from 22/11 to 21/12/2019) by international superstars, sporting events but also attractions for those who love brand-new entertainment. In collaboration with our “Magical Water” partner based in Dubai, we staged our “NEW 4-PLACE VERSION” pixel swing. An innovation by CRYSTAL.


– an arch (prolyte structure) to suspend the curtain and swings

– 4 pixel water curtains i.e. a curtain 7m20

– 4 custom-made swings 

– management cabinet to control the device

– technical manager on site 


A memorable event widely popular with the public. Never seen before in the middle of attractions that are each more incredible than the next!