‘Détournement’ installation by Stéphane Thidet at the Conciergerie

‘Détournement’ installation by Stéphane Thidet at the Conciergerie
Water - Aquatic Scenographies
Decor - Custom Scenographies
Paris / France

Monumental water course

At the invitation of the National Monuments Centre, artist Stéphane Thidet designed an installation for the Conciergerie entitled ‘Détournement’, which was exhibited from 30 March to 31 August 2018.
For this installation, the artist created a partial diversion from the river Seine. The water was channelled and then wound around inside the monument, before flowing back into the river from an 8-metre-high waterfall.
Stéphane Thidet called upon the Crystal Group.
The aim: to create an incredible technical system that enabled this water course.


  • A structure composed of raw wood elements, evoking the aesthetics of early roller coasters
  • Hydraulic and electrical systems.


  • A technical prowess that demanded several months of study and planning
  • 1 month of manufacturing in the workshop
  • 10 days of installation of the 85-LM channel by 15 technicians.