City Walk 2 – multimedia show

City Walk 2
multimedia show
Water - Aquatic shows
Meca - Elevation
Dubaï / UAE

A multimedia show in the place des lumières

Every night after dark, a multimedia show plays in the heart of Dubai’s trendy City Walk. Magical Water turned to Crystal Group to develop incredible mechanical arms and create giant water curtains.


  • 4 x 12-LM arms that unfold up to 8 metres in height
  • 4 cylinders (each pushing up to 28 tons)
  • 4 water curtains (1 on each arm) that serve for projecting images
  • 4 mist rails
  • 8 pumps
  • 100 LED projectors


A total surprise for the spectators when these incredible mechanical arms, hidden in a 2,000-m2 oval basin, unfolded.
Astonishment when the 1,200 m3 of water generated by the curtains was set in motion.
A true fairy tale at its height, when the video illuminates these four monumental waterfalls.