Live ice sculpting shows

Live ice sculpting shows
Ice - Ice sculpture shows

Ice show

Discovering the art of ice sculpture with an evening of live performance is a particularly popular event. From a block of raw ice, the sculptors, equipped with chainsaws, grinders, saws and irons, realise unique creations in front of an audience. Logos, characters, animals… so many subjects come to life and are refined throughout the performance.


– sculptures made from between 300 kg and 1,500 kg of ice,

– a performance lasting from 1.30 to 4 hours to create a sculpture ranging from 1 m to 2.50 m in height,

– provision of 1 to 2 sculptors depending on the complexity and dimensions of the creation.


An audience that is amazed by the agility of these artists and the beauty of the ephemeral piece of art that is gradually revealed throughout the event.