500 years of le Havre – Impact by Stéphane Thidet

500 years of le Havre
Impact by Stéphane Thidet
Water - Aquatic Scenographies
Le Havre / France

A fountain in the bassin du commerce

To celebrate its 500th birthday, Le Havre extended a surprising invitation to internationally renowned artists and events. For this huge party, ‘A Summer in Le Havre 2017’, a temporary work by artist Stéphane Thidet was staged in the Bassin du Commerce. This piece, entitled ‘Impact’, materialised with the meeting of two powerful jets of water, creating an arching bridge between the two quays. These two streams intermittently intersected, disturbing the calm waters. The artist turned to Crystal Group’s expertise in fountains and hydraulic effects.


  • Prototypes
  • Tests developed by our lab and workshop
  • 2 30-LM jets that each reached 18 metres in height.


A piece that activates for 3 minutes every 15 minutes.
A stunning impact!