The NYBG regularly asks artists to design exhibitions centred on flowers and nature. This month Jeff Leatham, the renowned artistic director of the Four Seasons Hotel George V, has staged a true kaleidoscope of orchids for the 18th Orchid Show.
He turned to Crystal Group to create a gigantic orchid covered in mirror. A challenge that we were happy to take on.

A flower flourished in our workshop

The skeleton of the XXL orchid was created entirely in stainless steel in our Blanc Mesnil workshop. Each section was then covered in mirror. It was like doing a puzzle that required patience and precision as each mirror has its own specifically designated place on the structure.  

The result

A gigantic flower with a fountain running through it took its place in the centre of the exhibition. Each mirror reflects the hundreds of flowers around it. Visitors find themselves mesmerised by a multitude of colours. 

Our sculpture was surrounded by aerial arches, ribbons and carefully designed lightning that was part of a visual show worthy of all Jeff Leatham’s creations.
Watch the exhibition video: