Are you looking for an original idea for a product launch? Encasing an object in a block of ice enables all sorts of things to be showcased, like a fragrance, video game, a bottle or shoe! Because don’t forget, you need to have a Before and After the official launch for a successful product launch. It’s about attracting buyers and potential customers after all.


What is encasing in ice?

It’s a technique that enables almost any object (decorative or even edible) to be imprisoned in our translucent ice (an ice-forming system filed by Michel Amann).

Our control of all of the ice production process enables us to create these encased creations. You just have to incorporate the objects at the right time and in the right way.

If the timing or the handling are off the desired effect won’t be achieved!


How your product is showcased


First, we start producing a block of ice in our workshop. When the ice has reached about 10 cm, we careful and harmoniously place the object(s) in it.


Example of encasing underway with food products


Then, the cold does its job and you have to wait for several days for the ice to continue forming. Your product is then completely imprisoned in the block of ice. Our sculptors remove the block from the mould then sculpt it in the desired size and shape.


We bring the result to where your launch party or photo shoot are taking place.

This way of presenting a product catches the attention and always provokes questions and reactions: but how is it possible to encase flowers, food, ingredients, bottles…? The bet has paid off: your product is the centre of everyone’s attention!

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